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Georgia Blush

Georgia, Georgia,
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

ZozoBugBaby Pattern

I could not get Georgia off my mind….that is for sure!
And as soon as Blush arrived on my door, I knew exactly what I needed to do.   🙂
This sweet line from Basic Grey is just perfect for the wonderful ZozoBugBaby Patterns!

earrings too!

In other news, Haley got her ears pierced Friday after school.
She had asked several months before, but decided against it for the time being.
It came up again about a week ago.
I told her we could go on Friday if she hadn’t changed her mind again.
(Which happened to be after her parent-teacher conference
By the way, glowing report from the teacher!)

Friday morning, she got up and excitedly told me
“I’m getting my ears pierced today!”
She hadn’t changed her mind.
She’s like her mama in so many ways.
And now, she’s just a little more grown-up.


I wanna sew….NOW!

Your life is crazy & hectic.  When you have time to sew, you want to sew now!  Because heaven knows, you might not have the chance later.  And with that in mind- I’ve added a downloadable pattern section to my website!

I’ve been working on this for a long time…so it’s exciting to see it finally go live!  Also – if you have a favorite pattern designer that offers PDF patterns, please let me know. I’m adding more designers for a wider variety of patterns!

First up for me – this adorable dress.  Who cares that it’s currently raining and cold.  Haley can put a shirt underneath.   🙂

I love C+C Music Factory

There.  I said it.

♪♪♫ ♫ ♪♪  Everybody Dance Now   ♪♪ ♫♪ ♪♪ ♫♫

And if you’re  Emily,  you’ll want to dance too!

I already follow you on Twitter all day, and now I’m a Facebook fan!! I asked for this book for Christmas because all my friends are having their first babies and I would love to have more gift ideas, but, Santa didn’t bring it. Will you be my Santa?!?

You won the Little Stitches giveaway.  Apparently, I am your Santa.  So…. Ho Ho Ho!  Send me an email and I’ll get this mailed to you!

Here we go.  Here we go.  Here we go, here we go, here we go.

Everybody move.

Let’s rock & roll.

Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.

(Have a great day.  I can’t walk because of yoga this morning.  So I’m gonna crawl to the freezer and find some ice.)

Yes.  It’s okay to say

Things that make you go hmmmmm?!?!?

Little Stitches Giveaway

My grand plans for the week have been slightly altered due to the volume of orders coming in. THANK YOU! (Sale is still going on for 3 more days so keep ’em coming!)     🙂

Also, it’s good for you because I’m going to keep this post short and sweet! I‘m giving away a copy of Little Stitches for Little Ones by Amy Butler.

There are a lot of great projects in this book and if you already own it, I invite you to enter anyway and give it as a gift to an expectant mom who likes to sew. 🙂 Here are a couple projects friends of mine have made using this book.

Snuggie Wrap blanket by Rachelle

Snuggie Wrap Blanket made by Rachelle


Kimono Style PJs mae by Elena

So cute! Right?!?!?

To enter just leave a comment.

I’d love to ask you follow me on Twitter, tweet about the giveaway, become a Facebook fan (and say hello!), add my button to your blog (html code over on the side bar!)….but I’m feeling so swamped that I can’t imagine sorting out all the extra entries. Of course, you’d earn major brownie points that way and I’d love you forever. But all you really have to do is leave a comment. 😀

I’ll draw a name on Sunday!

PS.  International entries welcomed!

Tooth Fairy Woes

lost tooth

My oldest child lost his first tooth recently.  He was SO excited!  So very very excited.  There was just one little problem, Daddy was at work the night it came out…and he wanted to show Dad the tooth.  So he wrote the Tooth Fairy a “friendly letter.”  (Something they’ve practiced at school.)  He proceeded to ask her if the teeth were used to build a castle and if she could please pick up the tooth tomorrow night so that my dad can see my tooth.

The tooth fairy painstakingly wrote back – in all uppercase stencil lettering, I might add, that “Your Dad would like that a lot.  I’ll be back tomorrow night to collect the tooth.”  And she signed the letter T.F. which I think is pretty lame…I mean, did her hand hurt so badly she couldn’t write out her own name?  And get this, she didn’t even answer the castle question.  Totally avoided it!  Whatever, T.F.  Whatever….

SO the next day, Daddy gets to see the tooth and how awesome it is.  The day proceeds with a lot of fun and a lot of playing…..and ends with the lost tooth being lost-lost.  (Not to be confused with out-of-the-mouth-lost.)

Now we have a panicked 7-year-old on our hands.  He is trying desperately to find the tooth and freaking out the T.F. will be mad.  So we look and look and look for the tooth.  It is gone.  I suggest we write another letter explaining that the tooth is missing.

Now dear little T.F. was left with a choice….leave the little token regardless….or teach the dear 7-year-old a bit about responsibility.  This particular tooth fairy has a big heart – and she left a silver dollar and a note asking that when and if the tooth be found, it be left for her to collect.  It still hasn’t been found.  But the good news is try two is sure to follow any day now.

And I suppose this just goes to show that Mom needs to sew a tiny pillow with a safe pocket for tooth keeping.

Anniversary Week Celebration!

Wow!  It has now officially been 2 years sinced I opened Above All Fabric.  I have reflected a LOT.  And I suppose in due time I might share some of my feelings and thoughts.  But for now, let’s get to the celebration instead.

Anniversary Week Celebration!

All Fabrics, Ribbons, Trim and Notions at least 10% off!
Even the newest items.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!
Anna Maria Horner
Sandi Henderson
Patty Young
Heather Bailey
and MORE!!!!

All Patterns 20% off!
Oliver & S
Serendipity Studios
Izzy & Ivy
and MORE!

DOUBLE Rewards Points!
That means you get 10% BACK towards a future purchase!

Daily Drawings for Gift Certificates and Fat Quarters!
Purchases from each day will be entered into 2 drawings.
FIRST:  One purchase daily will win a Gift Certificate equal to the amount of their purchase.  This will be available to use on any future purchase!
SECOND:  One person daily will win a set of 4 Fat Quarters that will be included with their shipment!
(My choice of fat quarters.  All are great designer fabrics! Even many Amy Butler prints!)
I’ll post the winners on my website!

Daily Specials on Fabric Combos and Featured Patterns!
Each day a new set of fabrics will be featured.  When you buy one yard of fabric A, you can buy one yard of fabric B at 50% off!!!!   
Also daily, I will feature a pattern designer and their patterns will be 50% off that day only!
*while supplies last*


There is more!  There is more!  
Stay tuned this whole week.
It’s going to be crazy.  
It’s going to be fun.  
It’s going to be crazy fun!


Pssst….the SHOP is here!



Magic Binding Blanket Tutorial

Okay, so I’m gonna kill like 37 birds with one stone.  (Maybe it’s only 2 birds, who cares!  Yay for multi-tasking!)

Folksy Flannel Blanket

First:  Every single print from Anna Maria Horner’s Folksy Flannel is here.  They are the first flannels that I’ve carried.  That is how much I love them.  I used them for the blankets shown here today.  And this print may become jammie pants for Haley soon.

Second: I’ve created a downloadable tutorial for you so that you can make your very own Magic Binding Blanket.  (aka self-binding.  BUT I really like a little bit of magic better.  Sounds more fun….and dare I say, magical?)


Folksy Flannel Blanket

I decided that download was the way to go.  Takes up less room on the blog, but still makes it available to those of you interested.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I included a few pictures to help along the way. Also let me know if there are errors so I can fix them!  

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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