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Buidling a house

I suppose you would like to see an occasional picture with the progress on our house. Well, let me tell ya a little something about building your own house. It’s a pain. There is a reason most people (dare I say, more intelligent people?) pay someone to build a house for them or just buy one that is already built.

This is a picture of our plumbing that is under the foundation. Riveting, isn’t it? This was actually step #2. First the concrete guy had to layout the foundation so the plumbing guy would know where to put the pipes. That picture is even more boring. (And I’m sure they have more professional names than concrete and plumbing guy – but I don’t know them – plus we don’t want to get too technical here, right?)

Then the inspector comes to make sure that the “rough plumbing” is a-ok. Now concrete guy returns to finish his work before we call the inspector to look at his work. This is called Pre-slab, I believe.

Now, if you’re really lucky, this is where nosy-neighbor gets involved. He seems to know way too many rules about the neighborhood / city, though he has not seen your approved building plans (that were also approved by the HOA architectal review board.) Yet he proceeds to turn you in for crimes you aren’t committing. That is when you get a call from the city to “stop construction” immediately. At this point, I recommend about 5 bags of Wavy Lays, some salsa, basically any “Mexican” food, a couple gallons of icecream and whatever other stress food you can tolerate. Sure, it means you’ll gain 5 – 10 pounds – but I’m pretty sure 15 or 20 is the required weight gain – so you still have a ways to go. Hopefully you have a husband that is much calmer than yourself, and though it takes a long time, gets the whole situation resolved.

Then you finally get to pour concrete!

I have more I could show you, but I need sleep and I still have to finish some orders tonight. If I don’t quit now, I’ll be up forever!


Birthday Season

This is officially birthday season! I have been busy making gifts. This little one I put together on the day of the party. I think it turned out SO cute!

Inside of the personalized bag, I put a drawing pad, some markers, glitter nail polish and Hannah Montana chapstick. She loved it!

List for Louise

I’m pretty sure a lifetime has passed since I was officially tagged by Louise. Sorry about that. The thing is, I can’t just share any old thing for my tagging post. I have to ponder and write and re-write. But enough is enough. So here, you go, Louise. 6 things about me.

1. I married my high school sweetheart.

Yep. We got married after college. Pretty crazy right? Even crazier if you know me. I’m pretty strong-willed and independent. In fact, my family tried to talk him out of it. Not because I’m their precious little girl for whom no one is good enough. Nope. Not because we were pretty young and needed to live life more. Nothing like that. It was more like a “Are you crazy? Do you know what you’re getting yourself into? Well, then…good luck” sort of talk. Yep! But here we are, still married and I can say that I love him even more now!

2. I hate driving with the windows down.

I just can’t stand it. It hurts my ears. Plus I don’t like the wind in my face and hair. Just horrible. If we’re going really slowly, I can tolerate it…but I still don’t like it! I also don’t like water in my face. I use a washcloth to wash my face. Splashing water on my face is not something I can do. As you can imagine, this means I’m not the best swimmer.

3. I don’t like chocolate all that much.

That’s right. You’re beginning to see the crazy that is me! It’s not that I hate it. I can eat it, and sometimes I even think it’s good. Given the choice, however, I’ll almost certainly pick something fruity over chocolaty.

4. My goal in life is to hire a maid.

Pretty silly, isn’t it? I just hate cleaning. I like to have a clean house, but I hate doing it. Some people tell me it’s therapeutic to clean? NO WAY! Just a pain in the tushy. (My therapy would be sewing.) I don’t know if I want a full time maid….just someone to mop my floors and clean the bathrooms on occasion. So there you go, buy fabric from me so I can hire a maid. 🙂 (and just FYI, it’s not my only goal, just one of them!)

5. I’m oddly good at chemistry.

Several professors that tried to convert me to a chem major in college. I had no trouble with organic, which seems to kill most people. Yep, I got an A – before the curve. In fact, in most of my classes, the professor would throw out my grade before figuring the curve. It’s not that I boast above average intelligence in all areas. Chemistry just comes easily to me. (Biology is a different story…so it’s not that I’m good at all sciences.) Yep, so I’m crazy and a dork. Fun, huh?

6. I get sea sick.

I tried a cruise one time. Big mistake….even on a huge cruise liner, I still was sick the whole time. For one of our anniversaries, hubby and I went to San Diego. We rented sea kayaks. Over all, it was awesome! We were right next to dolphins playing in our waves. We saw all sorts of sea life. But, I threw up right there in the ocean. The instructor on our tour assured me that I was not the only one that has done this. Hopefully the fish enjoyed whatever I had for breakfast.

So Louise, I hope you enjoy this! Finally.

Cute Little Cupcakes

Fun at Sara’s party! Delicious cupcakes in princess dresses.

Birthday Girl!!!!

And the birthday blanket!
(or really the corners of the blanket arranged onto a photoshop sheet)

It’s short and sweet – but you get the idea.
Lots of fun. Cute kids. Made a blanket.
List: one million minus one!

Kindergarten Pictures

I have so many things to show you!

“One at a time, Melanie! One at a time.”

So first up, really cute pictures from Kyle’s last week of school.

Since Kyle has a summer birthday, we celebrated his birthday with his classmates last week. He got an I spy book from Mrs. Walsh.

Naturally, they gave all the kids certificates at the end of the year. Kyle gave Mrs. Walsh a BIG hug – but of course, my camera didn’t capture that! Really, I was pressing the button as fast as I could. I need a new camera…but that’s another subject.

The St. Mark’s kindergarten class of 2008! (and one little brother that wanted to be in the picture too.) What a great class!!!!!

Kyle and Ben – best friends 🙂

Mrs. Walsh was SUPER with this class. We just loved her and so did Kyle. He was quite emotional about leaving. He’ll be able to stop by and say hi on occasion!

One subject down…about a million more to go.

“One at a time, Melanie! One at a time.”

New Patterns

I am still here! I have a list for Louise in the works and so hopefully soon you’ll find out 6 amazing, wonderful, funny things about me! In the meantime – I’ll show you the 2 new patterns that are here.


I’m super excited about this one. Now, you may look in any of my stores – and realized it’s not listed yet. It’s true. This is the last week of school and it has just been SO busy with programs and luncheons and the like. Not to mention my attempt to make every child in the kinder class a gift. So if you really want one of these, you can always email me!


This is a really cute bag! Don’t you think? Of course, these patterns use Amy Butler’s new line of fabric, Midwest Modern. I am sorry to tell you that many of the prints have sold out. Of course, I have ordered more, but they are not expected to come in until June or so.

It’s a hardwood life

My life has been consumed by woods, stains, doors, appliances and the like. The good news for you is that you won’t bore quickly of my updates because they apparently will be infrequent. *Ahem* I’ll try to do better!

It may be obvious to you that we are no where near installing kitchen cabinets. That is true. I, however, need to iron out all these details for a few reasons.

#1 It’s easier (and cheaper) to change the plans if needed with the framer, plumber, electrician and other workers now instead of after the drywall is up.

#2 When we get to the point of installing cabinets, we don’t want to have a 6 week delay while they are ordered.

#3 It’s kinda exciting.

So let’s look at some pictures. Mind you, none of these is how our kitchen will actually look. Good heavens – I do have a budget to stick to!

We are planning on an oven in the cabinet…but I don’t think we’ll be able to afford the double oven. Oh well 🙂

This is pretty cool. Why do I need a budget again?

I like the feeling of this kitchen. Very warm, don’t you think? Although we can’t have glass in any of our doors. We’re much too messy for that! And the multiple colored cabinets is not going to happen. No way. Hubby is not the biggest fan. So let’s keep looking.

We both like this color. I think it looks a little rustic. What do you think? Could it fit into a southwest home? We’re not going all “Cactus and Kokapelli” though so it’s not too southwestern.
In other news, I do still own a sewing machine. Let me show you this magazine bag I made for another kinder mom.

She just wanted something with which to carry magazines to her children’s sports practice. It’s pretty cute. Don’t you think?

I did put a pocket inside. Everyone can use a pocket. Right?

Enough rambling for this post. Next time…updated pictures of the “house.”

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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