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Today hubby and I decided we could start another business.

We Build Ugly Houses – a Limited Liability Corporation.

We quickly decided the our house will not win the curb appeal contest.  It looks pretty nice on paper – and when having it designed, we looked at a bunch of houses and decided we wanted clean lines, modern looking.  Oh well.  I think that having the lights on the house will definitely help – and next week rock is being delivered for the front yard….so landscaping has to help – right? Hmm….

Some of you may be wondering – yes, the pipes in our driveway will be cut down and a little metal lid will protect it.  We didn’t have much of a choice on that one.  Oh, and my husband has already determined that we could park 4 cars in our driveway…you know, for all those parties we have!  LOL  😉

Anyway, the inside is sure pretty!

Our cabinets are in – and we’re really close to finalizing the counter tops.  Choice #1 was too expensive.  I am crossing my fingers that choice #2 will be perfect.  He’s bringing a sample over to the house so we can see it in a larger amount with our cabinets, floors, etc.  We picked out the carpet and it’ll be installed next week (upstairs will be carpet.) The tile work is nearly finished, the gate to the back is being built (by Adam 🙂 ) And I think we MAY have found the trim we want to use on the floorboards.  (And the floor is very very dirty in this picture…probably like it will be most of the time!)

And just in case you didn’t know, I finally created a House Set on my Flickr account. (I LOVE Flickr, btw) so you can check there for more pictures that don’t make it onto the blog. Like our awesome laundry room. And I’m getting super fancy and even adding notes on some of the pictures. How cool is that?!?!? (You have to scroll over the picture to see the notes!)

Have a great night!



In my never ending attempt to stall actual work, I took this quiz this morning after seeing it on this blog.

You Are Ariel!
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Headstrong and fiesty. You have a mind of your own that’s full of romantic dreams about the world around you. Exploring exotic places is your ultimate dream, and although you can be a little naive you’ll realize that there is something to be gained from your family’s wisdom.
Which Disney Princess Are You?

It’s all been done

I met you before the fall of Rome….

oh wait – no I didn’t.  🙂

I apparently take much of my inspiration from music.  The Bare Naked Ladies happen to be playing on iTunes, and the title of this song seemed so appropriate.  Going through the building process of this house, I can’t help but recall the last house we built.

Kyle was 2 years old. How cute is he? He’s helping rip up tile. Guess what hubby was doing tonight? Ripping up a couple pieces of tile. (not a major disaster – just a slight miscalculation…so don’t worry! And please take note of the hair on my husband’s head. Now he feels the need to shave it. Weird.)

And cute little Haley was only a baby. She watched over all our projects. There is no baby this time – Oh well, everything can’t be the same.

And then I found this photo. It makes me feel so much better! You see, that is Kyle in the fridge – but I could see Taylor doing the EXACT same thing. He had helped himself to chocolate syrup and was trying to sneak it back. “hmm….well, buddy, the chocolate on your face kinda gives you away.” It reminds me, though, that Taylor is a normal 2 year old. He is testing all the boundaries – and Kyle did the same thing. Whew! How quickly we forget!

It’s all been done before!

(and we survived!)

One by one

I was going to have a contest, (I had some really great designers and artisans ready to give some awesome prizes too)  but something wasn’t sitting right with me.

Here is the original premise:  I am crazy busy right now.  I know others out there have lives just as busy and messy as mine.  I wanted to hear about them.  I wrote up this whole piece, I arranged prizes,  I took pictures…and it sat there in my dashboard.  Unpublished.  I tried to keep it light-hearted and real – but there was this knot in my stomach.  My Grandma, an amazing woman in her 90’s, kept coming to mind.   I could hear her saying  “We’re just so blessed….”

We are blessed.

We ARE blessed.

WE are blessed.

No matter how light-hearted, humorous, clever or candid I was, that truth was not being portrayed.  Yes, life is messy.  Life if hectic.  I do NOT want to gloss over everything and pretend all is perfect.  I want my blog to be REAL.  I want it to be a place I can share my successes and my disasters.  And I want you to share yours too.  Most of all, however, I want you to know that we ARE blessed.  You are too.  I am certain of it!  So go – count your blessings.  Here is a picture of three of mine – and that’s just the start!

As far as the contest goes – I’ll come up with a replacement contest soon.  For now, I need to go get one of my messy blessings from dance.

This little boy

This little boy melts my heart and he makes me laugh. Tucking him into bed tonight, he was quite chatty…..

Well, you see….there is a little girl that likes him. And people are teasing him about her. But he doesn’t love her – even if they say he does. And so they play chase at recess. And at recess, he’d really like to swing, but the Emperor (aka the principal?!?!?) doesn’t let them have swings on the playground, so they just have to play other games. And this week he gets to sit in a special chair at carpet time because he is the Beary Important Person. And he saw on Dora that it was Boots birthday and they sang “peliz poopleaños” and it’s funny that they say happy birthday with poop in Spanish. And God can speak all the languages. God likes it when you’re nice to people and he really likes it when Santa brings you presents…

Quilt Market

I had a dream last night they kicked me out of quilt market. I can’t remember the details of the dream. Please tell me they don’t kick out attendees for wearing the wrong thing or not being able to do a perfect mitered corner or something crazy like that!

It’s only a month away – and if I have to have some sort of special wardrobe, you had best inform me so I can get sewing!  I’ll drape myself in quilts, if needed.   I’ll practice mitered corners and have ’em down pat.  Just let me know!

I’m totally joking…for all you that can’t tell!  Oh- but the dream was real.  How weird is that!

I am a rockstar

Okay – not really!  But I did help a lot this week with the house – so that is kinda awesome, right?  We finished the flooring this week – but not the carpet.  That’ll go in next week, hopefully!  Truthfully, my hubby did most of the work, but I helped when I could!  One of my jobs was to measure the end pieces and cut the wood.  Pretty fancy, huh?  I knew calculus geometry addition and subtraction would come in handy some day!  he he  😉

I really like the flooring – and I’m very anxious to clean it.  WAIT – did I just say I WANTED to clean something.  Well, all this work has clearly made me a sick in the head. I hope that we like it a lot after living with it for a while! It has to be better than the tile in our last house. Really, I can hardly imagine anything worse!

What else happened this week? Well, the kitchen cabinets arrived! They weren’t supposed to come until next week – so they are a bit early. That’s odd! The installer wasn’t scheduled until this coming week though – so they sat there, all pretty in their boxes. (I made my dh take one out so I could admire it!) I can’t tell you how anxious I am to get them installed!!!!

The garage doors didn’t arrive. 😦 (That’s more typical of the construction business!) The driveway was poured, the block wall was finished and I think that’s about it for this last week. Which is a LOT! The electrician worked on receptacles (plug-ins) and light fixtures this weekend. I suspect when we stop by this evening, we’ll be able to turn on lights! So hubby’s week off was busy – but good. Things probably won’t slow down much until we move in.

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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