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Of mice and men

The best laid plans…..right?  I thought I was so awesome posting on my blog this month – and then I lost it again.  *sigh*  Things have been great around here.  I FINALLY feel like we are catching up or settling down or something like that!  We’re arranging (and rearranging) rooms, hanging up pictures, sorting the last of the boxes….just getting things done.  It is such a nice feeling!  It should be even nicer when I actually feel caught up    🙂

My office/crafting room is not finished yet – so I don’t have an overall picture for you to see, but I have made a few improvements!  The back of the shelves have  this fabric.  I adore it!

The bulletin board also needed some updating – so I added this fabric to it.  I love the randomness that isn’t really random at all – and I love the green.  It’ll be such a great inspiration board, don’t you think?

Other boring things have been happening too – like finishing all my business accounting from January through November.  It’s a HUGE relief to have it all done and ready for taxes (sans December, but one month will seem like a breeze now!)  I have a few sewing projects in the works too…and I never showed you some of the awesome Christmas gifts I made.  Oh well – the best laid plans of mice of men often go awry.


Our Fireplace

You already know this – my husband rocks, literally – as in he puts up rock!  (he he)  We used some Christmas money to buy the rock to finish off our fireplace.  WOO HOO!  I love how it looks.

It’s actually fake rock (matches our fake gas fireplace?!?!?).  I think it’s like El Dorado Stone or something.  I’m not really sure, but we had to special order it.  Anyway, he did an awesome job.  Don’t you think?  That husband of mine is amazing!  Now we can finish the baseboards next to the fireplace too.  We didn’t want to put those in until we knew exactly where the fireplace rock would start.

At some point, we will buy a TV to go in the hole.  A lot of people thinks it’s wierd we didn’t make the hole bigger for a big screen TV – but we really wanted to to be symmetrical with the fireplace.  Is that so odd?  I think not!

Next up is the backyard…..

To You and Yours

(image from Homegrown Hospitality)

What a wonderful day  to celebrate the birth of the Christ child and the gift He gave to you and me!  Hope you all enjoy this fantastic holiday.




A cute little set of gingerbread cookies has put me in the mood to bake. (I usually don’t bake – mostly because when I bake I eat – and I don’t need to eat, so I don’t bake.) Seriously, how amazing are these! I was in awe when I saw them on flickr – little did I know one set was comin’ to me. 🙂

So in this baking mood, I got to thinking – maybe I should buy some awesome bake ware – which led me to the Williams-Sonoma website.  I haven’t made the trip over there yet – but I have a feeling when I do, I had best leave the credit card at home and only carry a limited amount of cash. (Also because the same mall is home to the Apple store – and that could be big trouble!)  Have you seen some of this stuff?

This particular cake pan is PERFECT for the sewing party that is being planned with the baker of the awesome gingerbread cookies.  Perfect – with a capital P!  (I’ll have to post more details in the future for those of you in the Tucson area!)

So anyway, the kids and I are making sugar cookies tonight.  We’ll decorate them tomorrow and put them out for Santa.  They will not be amazing pieces of art but still, it should be lots of fun!

A Post for the Family

My days have been filled with drugs and Kleenex (yep, I have a cold)  which is not exactly exciting blogging material.  It also means I haven’t been feeling all that creative and have mostly been sitting on my bum doing nothing.  No one should really care about this, except my family.  Lucky for me, my family actually reads my blog.  So this is a little post just for you guys.  🙂

1.  Kyle has been working out and exercising a lot – and it’s very cute to watch him lift his 2 pound weights and do 12 push ups.  I know exactly where this came from.  That husband of mine bought some pretty awesome weights  from Craigs List that are now in our garage.  Twice a week a friend from his work and Adam come over to exercise.  Kyle is now into models – this is a new discovery for him.  There was one in the gift bag from Santa.  It’s a nice change from Legos!
2. Haley is obsessed with China. I’m not sure why it started – but it had nothing to do with the Olympics. She wants to learn Chinese. And she thinks her favorite food is dumplings. She asks at least weekly if we can go visit China someday. And she’s very concerned about volcanoes being in China and hopes they don’t get the people there. (She’s also having nightmares about volcanoes.)

3.  Taylor was so cute at the church’s Christmas program last night.  He was standing up dancing and singing.  They had “snow” at various time through the performance and he would clap and yell “IT’S SNOWING MAMA!”  Luckily, the people around me all thought he was adorable also.  Oh, and he gets that little tongue thing from me.  Isn’t that funny?  Another thing that cracks me up – Taylor calls the fridge the fridgacator.

So there you go!  After the holidays I can share a few more handmade goodies with all of you.  I am very proud to say that the gifts I gave this year are nearly all handmade.  (I bought some handmade items too – I’m not that good!)  There are a some things for the kids that are store bought  – but I could not make a Leapster game, so my conscience is feeling fine.

Sewing for Myself

I got this bright idea today.  I would make something festive to wear tonight (Christmas festivities, you know!).  “I’ll make a cute shirt.”

BAD bad idea.     The bust is like 10 times too big -and that’s saying something – cuz I’m not lacking up there – and then it was like 10 times too small in the waist and hip area – which is really not all that surprising.  So, about one o’clock I gave up, put a frozen pizza in (hmm….shocking I have waist problems when I eat such wonderful meals, eh?) and threw it in the trash.

EEK – I know!  I feel a little bit lot guilty about that.  I really do.  But you see – that fabric has absorbed so much anger and frustration and if I touch it again the same feelings will immediately overwhelm me and therefore ruin any re-purposing project I might attempt.  The good news is that it’s in my sewing trash and not the kitchen trash, so if guilt is still ruling my life tomorrow morning, it may get rescued – only to immediately be cut apart so I don’t have to remember the horrific experience from this morning.  Sorry no pictures of the first disaster – you know, the whole anger ruling over me thing.

Okay – so it’s like 1:30.  You think I would give up on the whole “I should make something to wear tonight” thought.  Would you believe that I am just a little bit stubborn?!?!?  So I start over with a new pattern and new fabric. (And no, I didn’t pre-wash my fabric – I have no time for such formalities at this point.)  I’m nearly finished when my hubby arrives home at 3:45.  I just have to hem the tunic and sew on a button.  I try it on – and then my husband says something genius like “You’re wearing that?  It doesn’t look finished.”  The translation in my head goes more like this.  “Oh my Lord, you look horrible – you fat cow.”  So I rip it off, put on my black sweater (black is slimming, you know) and stomp back downstairs.  *sigh*

Just now I decided to try it on again.  It’s not THAT bad – is it?  Maybe it’s the whole long shirt/dress thing over jeans that really messed up my husband.  (I’m hoping it wasn’t the fat cow thing.)  I am meeting some friends tomorrow for lunch – maybe I’ll wear it then (if I get the hem done – oh yeah, and the tie sash thingy – right now that’s just a strip of fabric.)

The earrings, however, are good no matter what I wear.    They are from my friend ModMoxie.  I think they are wonderful!  Visions of sugar plums dance in my head.   🙂

Kids Christmas PJs

My list of “have to’s” is getting shorter and shorter!  The jammies for Christmas Eve are done.  🙂

I’m debating putting an applique onto Kyle’s shirt.  It’s not on my “have to” list – so I doubt it will get done before Christmas.  I stopped by JoAnn’s for some elastic and that cute transportation knit just happened to fall in my cart.   😉    Lucky for me, it’s perfect for my little guy!   Pictures of them in their jammies in one week!


(in case you didn’t realize!)

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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