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Summer Dress

Have I mentioned yet that I love the new line by Erin McMorris?  It is cheery and fun – perfect for summer sewing.  I have been wanting to make Haley a few new dresses and I know several of them will come from this line of fabric.

Haley's dress

The print used is called Flower Shower. Such a simple sundress! And because of the elastic bodice area, this dress will fit her for quite some time.   🙂  I think I should whip up a few more of these for my dress-wearing little girl!


Fat Quarter Frenzy

I am a Mom.  I have a small business I run out of of my home.  I am a work at home mom (WAHM – not to be confused with Wham! – the band from the 80s – which just for your knowledge, I liked.)

Keywords:  You’d probably guess Mom – but not this time.  This time the keywords are SMALL and HOME.  I apparently forgot those when I was in Pittsburgh surrounded by beautiful fabric.  I must have thought I was a buyer for fabric dot com or something.  *ahem*

SO almost everything is on sale on my website.  As much as 50% off! 

Which brings me to another issue.  I sell half yards and full yards.  (Remember I am a Mom, not a workroom full of employees!)  Yet, somehow I have hundreds of fat quarters laying around.  (I’ll tell you how – I’m too nice, that’s how!)  So I created a section just to get rid of the fat quarters!  This will not be a normal section of my website!  I tried to organize them by lines of fabrics.  There are more to list – but if you see something you like, grab it now – because most of the prints only have 1 available and at this price they will not last. **Update:  Wow – they are selling fast!  I will get more up soon!**

One more thing- since I appear to be under the impression that I am that big fabric website – I decided to offer free shipping on all US orders over $35.  Use the code FRENZY at checkout.

 I’m not sure how long this frenzy will last – I guess until I can sleep soundly at night again so I hope to see you all online soon.   🙂 

Red Letter Day Feather

PS.  Just incase you don’t know already.  Here is a little info on Fat Quarters. A fat quarter is made by cutting a half yard (18 inches) in half vertically. (All that I have listed are 18 inches by 22 inches)  This gives you a larger usable area than if you cut a strip that was a quarter yard (9 inches x 44 inches) – especially when you consider many of the prints the fabrics today have on them! Many patterns are written to take advantage of Fat Quarter Cuts and it’s also a great way to sample a fabric before buying a larger amount.

Summer Plans

The summer is officially here, I guess, now that Memorial Day has passed. Having all 3 kids at the house all summer long is going to be an adjustment! I printed out the months ahead and started writing activities down! And I think we’ll survive the summer 🙂

Summer celebration

Library: The kids signed up for the summer reading program. We will also be going to story time each week, checking out books and tacking advantage of the special summer events they offer.

Movies: Now typically I couldn’t pay for 4 of us to go to a movie each week – but our local theatre has a summer program! They have 2 movies each week (all fun kids movies) and everyone under 10 years old is free. Over 10 is only $1! For a buck- I can totally take the kids to a movie 🙂

Playdates: At least once each week, I have time carved out to play with other kids! And that means I get some time to chat with other moms – very nice!

Swimming: In addition to swimming lessons, we will take advantage of the YMCA swimming pool often. Cool off and play in the water – I’d say that is the epitome of summer – wouldn’t you agree?

Vacation Bible School: Who could forget this summer staple? The kids learn about God’s love – and I get 2.5 hours to myself! Perfect.

Throw in a couple little trips near Tucson, a trip to Wyoming, a trip to Iowa and I’d say we’re set for the summer. (School starts August 6th…so I really only have 2 months to fill!)

The blog has been quiet, I know. Honestly the last few weeks have been rather introspective for me. Sometimes I feel like sharing my thought process, but this time I am just working through most things in my mind before blabbing to the world. 🙂 And also there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes with my business that I will share when the time is right. I know that a couple new fabric lines will be arriving this week – so I’ll be sure to stop back in and show you those!

Train Weekend

In addition to making these for the long weekend

Cinnamon Rolls

We decided to go to go visit a fun train park!
train park
Where we toured a train used for presidents,

rode on a little train around the park,

Train coming from tunnel

viewed awesome model trains,

Kids on carrousel

enjoyed the carrousel,

Ready to jump
and played our hearts out!

It was a blast!

PS. For more pictures, Mom, see Flickr 🙂

Pittsburgh Quilt Market 2009

There will certainly be many blogs in the crafting community that will tell you all about this Spring’s Qulit Market.  It was wonderful!  I can’t get over how seriously nice everyone is in the industry.  (The industry is huge.  Really huge.  Like I had no comprehension of it before I went last year to Houston.  It still blows my mind when I stop to think about it.)   I could post for days – but instead I will make it short and sweet.

Friday night Moda/United Notions had 3 boats to take their clients up and down the rivers of Pittsburgh during a catered dinner.  It was so nice!  The company was great, the food was good and the views were wonderful.


I ordered a lot of fabric. I picked up a couple new companies too that I am anxious to share with you.  If I had to pick my favorite this market (which is a REALLY mean thing to do to a fabric lover) it would be Lantern Bloom.  Last fall in Houston I found out that Laura Gunn was working on a fabric line for Michael Miller. I have been anxious to see it since that day when her sister-in-law, Heather Bailey, introduced us. I was not disappointed. In fact, I was blown away! I am SO excited to get it in my hands!

Laura Gunn Fabric

I really could write so much more…so so much more. Maybe another day!

Organic Prints Poll


A pretty picture to entice you…to draw you in!  This is the Feather colorway of Red Letter Day!  It’s really adorable fabric.  I’m anxious to see what everyone creates!  (PS Just to be clear – Red Letter Day is not organic.  It is wonderful cotton fabric though!)


I leave for Pittsburgh soon!  I’m excited to see all the wonderful lines you have suggested, and I am also looking for Cotton Organic Fabric Prints.  (Ideally cotton or cotton/bamboo blends – and in general 44/45 inches width.)  Can you please take my polls below to help me find the right products for you?!?!  Thanks


And if my polls don’t work – I’d be very appreciative if you’d leave a response in the comments. You do not have to have a wordpress account and your email address will not be published!  Plus if you’d like to give more info in the comments, that would be great!  Thank you!

Kids Activities

I realize that not just my family reads this blog.  In fact, most of my readers are not my family.  What you need to know about me – for my non-family friends – is that I am horrible at writing them and keeping them up to date.  Communication may not be my strong point!  So for the lack of emails and pictures, my guilt finally overwhelms me and I dedicate a blog post to filling them in –  for the rest of you…well hopefully you’ll enjoy a few pictures of cute kids too.   🙂Haley started dance last summer.  I thought she would like it – but I had no idea how good she would be at it!  She has an amazing memory – which comes from my husband.  (He can remember his locker combos all the way back to Junior High School.)  She has practice every week and is always excited to go!  It is a combo class of ballet and tap. 

The dance recital is coming up (the Wizard of Oz).  They had practices every single day this week (and next week too).  This weekend was pictures!  It was the first time I’ve let her put on her dance costume since bringing it home.  (She is a messy messy little girl and it is an expensive outfit!)

As a fun little treat I took her to get her nails painted (fingers and toes) this morning.  I wanted it to be something a little extra special.  It only cost $7 and the lady even put a couple little flower on her nails!  She was thrilled!

Kyle started Karate last weekend.  After only two years of asking, I finally signed him up.  There are already benefits – he has to concentrate, try his best, practice, listen, etc. etc.  He is very happy in his Karate uniform!


Both the older kids have been in swimming lessons since the beginning of April.  Yes – outdoors.  It is nice enough here  🙂  

Haley will put her face in the water without too much hesitation.  She wants to go each weekend!  This is a huge improvement over last summer when she spent most of her time protesting!

Last summer Kyle got over his fear of the water….but his form was a little lacking.  So he is working on that mostly.  I have no idea what the strokes and techniques are that he is learning – but he’s doing well and improving quickly! 

And Taylor?  Well he’s too little to really be in anything yet.  And that ends my family briefing!   😉

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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