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My Weekend Bag

I do loads of traveling. Every weekend I take off to some exotic location. For real. See – here is proof.

Okay – that is totally not true.  (It’s photoshop – and I’m sure you can tell – but I just want to make sure you know it’s not real!)  I used to travel a lot, and that is true, but since becoming the mom to 3 of the most wonderful children in the world, my traveling bags have turned to diaper bags.  I’ve “settled down” a bit – and I’m actually okay with this whole notion – my kids need me.  (And in my book settled does not mean boring or slow!)

So anyway – I actually do have a trip coming up and I decided months a month ago (I thought it was longer than that – but my friend reminded me it was only a few weeks ago I decided to tackle this project.  Oh well, whatever)  that I would make myself the Weekender Travel Bag for this trip.  I will not relay the conversation that took place between myself and my husband.  He is under the impression I have far too many bags, purses, totes, carrying clutches, etc.  I honestly have no idea why he would think that.  A girl needs bags, right?

Okay  – so back to this bag….I am done!  I used Joel Dewberry Ginseng Fabrics.  The main fabric is the Thyme Spade Damask.  The piping is the Glacier Bloom.  And the handles and inside were cut from the Thyme Tossed Flowers.  It was a difficult bag to make.   Sewing through the 750 layers of Timtex (which was really Flexi Firm since I didn’t have any Timtex (ps have you tried the new stuff yet?)) is what was difficult.  Okay – so it wasn’t really 750 layers – but it was multiple layers and it was really thick -and on the bottom corners, where everything met, I had to hand wheel my machine and I broke a needle once.  I thought getting through the whole thing with only 2 needles was pretty respectable on this project!  I know some people have had trouble finding a 30 inch closed zipper.   I found my metal zipper in the home decorating section  – not with the regular zippers.  It was cheaper too.

Also I have to mention that I had to make new bias strips for the piping.  The second time I cut my bias strips wider than Amy suggested.  I might be a piping idiot – but I was having a heck of a time getting the 1/4 inch piping in there nicely…(I had it pinned like crazy and yes, I was using my zipper foot)….so I cut my strips 3 inches wide and then after I had made the piping (successfully – actually easily) I cut it back to the smaller dimension she recommended.

Changes?  For one, I should have paid attention to the pattern on my fabric.  I’m so mad at myself.  I just cut out the pieces as suggested in the pattern – and so my geometric pattern is not lined up.  I also think I managed to cut the fabric upside down.  Really annoying mistakes and I’m really embarrassed that I made them.  I also wish I had used the glacier bloom fabric (used for the piping) for the handles as well to give it a little more contrast.  And I think that I would actually cut the inside out of a neutral canvas next time rather than a printed pattern.  That way you don’t get lost when looking for your stuff.  ( Also – add a pocket to the inside of the bag.)  I am thinking I’ll make another now that I’ve practiced once….but it won’t get done before my trip!  Then I’ll be able to fix my mistakes and be really really proud of it!

The pattern is well written and I would recommend it – just not for a beginning sewer.  🙂

So where am I going?  To Las Vegas for the International Textile Expo!  I’ll be back next week!


Living in my wonderland

I have a finished project to share with you really really soon – but first I had to hop on here and show you Wonderland.  I fell in love with it at Quilt Market.  And the Twill – oh the twill is so nice. (Honestly, it’s some of the only fabric that I have really really wanted to NOT list for sale. Please don’t tell the other fabrics…it might hurt their feelings. But most of them are going to be reprinted – and this, well once it’s gone it’s gone!  I’ve got to start sewing pronto to make sure I can use these prints.) Wonderland is wonderful!

Birthday Boy

My Sweet little boy turned 3 today!

Happy Birthday

I love your laugh

I love your smile

I even love your grouchy face


Quilting Day

It’s done!  It’s done!  The Christmas quilt is done done done!

Happy Quilting Day!

Tools to free motion quilt

(Just to let you know, my camera is M.I.A.  I think my mom might have grabbed it – you see we have the same camera – so all photos courtesy of my phone…which for a phone aren’t too bad!  and I suppose I could alter them with my mad photoshop skills – but I’ll leave you with the Straight Out of the Camera shots…although I did crop…so I maybe they’re not SOC after all!)

1. A Spanish Dictionary:

I suppose an English Dictionary or a English to Spanish Dictionary or a phone book or thesaurus or other large book would also work!

I guess I shouldn’t assume you are all short like me and need a bit of a boost to sit comfortably at your sewing machine.  Okay – fine!  For all you tall freaks, you can leave this out.

And I suppose that some people might have a chair that is better than a folding chair at their sewing table – a chair that is the right height or that adjusts.  Well  – lucky you!

2.  A Pair of Quilting Gloves

I got mine at a local quilt shop.  I could have ordered them from one of my distributors – but I needed them NOW.  I was surprised at the difference they really do make!  Thanks, Linda for recommending them!

3.  A Free Motion Foot

I opted for the spring loaded kind.  The lady at my sewing machine shop recommended it…probably because it cost more money.  (only joking!  I think her advice is pretty good 😉   )

So there ya go! I am so glad I’m forcing myself to do something outside of my normal sewing comfort zone. It is NOT perfect – far far from it. But I am learning and enjoying the process. Plus I know that my family will enjoy it come Christmas. I hope to do the big reveal on March 21st (it may not be until 11:59pm) because that is National Quilting Day. See you again soon!

Cinnamon Rolls

I have been craving them.

Not the kind from the tube.

Honest to goodness cinnamon rolls.

Mmm…honestly good.

Spring Placemats and Kits

Spring is the best.  Isn’t it?  Everything starting to brighten up – the weather – the plants – our spirits.  These place mats will brighten your eating area too!

And I’ve made little min-kits so you can make your own set!

Each has the fabric you need to make 6 place mats – all unique.  And simple instructions are included too.  You’ll just need some natural batting and thread.  You can find them here.

Actually all kits are on sale right now!  I adore Craft Apple’s patterns – so I made the mini patchfolios and the little artist drawing case into kits for you!  They are on sale too!  🙂  They include the fabric, batting, interfacing, ribbon (in artist case) and for now, I’m even including the notebook (or notebook/crayons) with the kit.  You’ll need the pattern (found here) and thread and some cardboard from a cereal box and off you go a sewing.

And now I must say goodbye and tend to company.  Enjoy Spring!

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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