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So Easter is Sunday

and I had planned (since like January) to get the kid’s Easter outfits made.
That might not happen.
But we have one Christmas tie ready to go!

Taylor Christmas Tie

(and that’s only because of my Mom
I can take no credit)

We’ll see what I can get done in the next few days. 🙂
Hope your week is off to a great start!


One Yard Sale

I spent some time with my inventory today.
We laughed,
we cried,
we had a great time together.
But now it’s time to say goodbye….
especially to those bolts that have very little remaining!

So I’ve created a section just for the weekend filled with the most delightful fabrics that need new homes. 🙂 I don’t expect many of these to last long.

It was fun while it lasted!

Shop Here

***A few details:****
Backorders not accepted. If you order more than is in stock, what is available will be mailed and a refund issued.

Sock Monkey Quilt

A dear friend of mine had a little boy recently.  I honestly can’t remember what I have given her over the years.  (and that is if I got around to giving her anything.  *sigh*  I am THAT person.  *double sigh*  My issues could definitely fill this blog daily from now until eternity… 🙂 )  In any case, I was really excited when she had a little boy because it gave me a chance to use the Sock Monkey fabric from Moda!

sock monkey baby quilt

It’s a little quilt. Just the right size for a crib or stroller cover up. Or for a little tummy time on the floor. Easy to throw in the diaper bag or stroller. I didn’t want it to be too large. I hope that she can use it and enjoy it. I enjoyed making it. I stole the idea from my friend, Elena. (Who will be having her little boy today! Of course, I can’t give a quilter a quilt…so who knows what I’ll give her!)  My quilt has no plan.  No rhyme or reason.  Just some cute fabric cut into random sized rectangles and sewn together.  Probably not the best approach, but remember, I am not really a quilter.  Just a sewist that sometimes feels like quilting! 😀

All the sock monkey fabrics are in my here in my shop.  And I’ve also started a section on my website for boys fabrics.  It is not all-inclusive, but it’s a nice place to start!

Reading Nook

This little area of the house has been neglected since we moved in.  But to explain it, I feel like I need to back up to the very beginning. Okay, so you know that we built our house, right?  If not, now you do.

So this area is actually above the outside entryway. It was supposed to be straight up to the sky (or maybe only the second story, I can’t remember). The window was supposed to be nothing more than an architectural detail. None of this was supposed to be inside the house. Are you with me so far?

Reading Nook

But when our framer was framing the house, he said “hey, why don’t you frame this in and use it?” And we said “Excellent idea!” So we submitted our plans to the truss company.  They approved our idea with a few minor changes to strengthen the structure, making it safe to occupy. Then we had to submit our plans to the city again to get their stamp of approval. It delayed the progress of the house…but I was really excited about having this extra little nook….because this is view from that area of the house.

view from reading nook

SO….we endured the delays and the extra cost to give our house a little something special. 🙂   And a couple weekends ago, my husband built-in the bench seat I’ve dreamed of since we created that little area!  While my parents were visiting, my Mom and I fashioned a seat cushion.

reading nook
Next I worked on the decoupage letters that will hang on the wall (They will go in the place of the southwestern zipper art…which my Grandma made. Don’t worry, I will find a new location for the zipper art so they will still be appreciated.)  And heaven knows, that plant needs some help.  I’ll work on that too.  Poor thing.

To make these letters, I went to Michael’s and bought the letters R, E, A and D. (Bet ya couldn’t tell that much from the picture, huh?!?!?) Now if you want to do your child’s name, I would suggest buying the letters in their name…unless their name happens to be Read, then I’d buy the same letters.  Same goes for another word.  It’d be advisable to buy the letters in that word.  (Oh man! I am cracking myself up!)

Okay, okay. Focus!

decoupaged letters with Make Life charm pack by Moda

After buying the letters, I took a charm pack and cut each 5 inch square into four 2.5 inch squares. (The fabric is from the new wonderful line “Make Life” by Sweetwater for Moda…which I ADORE!) Then I used ModPodge to glue the fabric squares to the letters. After drying overnight, I used an exacto knife to trim the excess fabric, and then put another coat of ModPodge just for good measure. (There are plenty of fabric squares left over.  I plan to make a few sets of Craftapple’s Patchwork cards.)

Anyway, I’m excited to get the letters hung and some pillows made to complete the area.  Oh, and I have all my blocks done for a quilt using the Make Life line also.  I really do adore this fabric!  Share more about that later!

My Water Broke

four years ago today.
This little boy reminds me that miracles happen in our lives
and God is in control.
(I was 32 weeks pregnant.)

Taylor is such a wonderful little boy.
(And he is ALL boy!)
We’re so blessed to have him in our family.
Happy Birthday, little man!

Taylor at the beach
Fun at the beach

(A few pictures from our recent trip to California. You can see the whole set here.)

Library Tote Fabrics

First things first.
I started teaching sewing classes this semester.
I should have told you sooner.
I have no excuse.

Okay, so now that you’re in the know, the girls in my Monday class are starting on their library totes this next week. And I wanted to show you the fabrics they picked out.  Each student does a great job selecting fabrics.  They always amaze me with their design combinations.  My photography, on the other hand…

Fabric for girls bags

I think they are really excellent! And I just LOVE watching the process of them choosing. Pulling down this and that, comparing options, getting opinions of friends and moms. It’s really really fun. And I love seeing the prints they gravitate towards.

We all are like that, aren’t we? We have certain prints that we are drawn towards. A special way we go about deciding on the fabrics for our project. Some use a color to start with, other focus on a print they love first. Sometimes we have a project in mind first, but other times we love a fabric and just have to seek out the perfect project for it.  And sometimes, we have to force ourselves out of the comfort zone!

Anyway, these classes have been wonderful! And I need to do a better job of sharing the progress with you here. 🙂 (And get my class calendar up online! Seriously, has anyone figured out how to add more hours to the day yet?!?!?)

Alright, I have more to share with you this week. And get this…I’m even blogging AHEAD and scheduling the post. WOAH! Aren’t you impressed? (Don’t get used to it. Ha ha ha) Okay, one last picture of the girls with the pillowcases they made last month!


Leprechaun Trap

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m not Irish, but who cares!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that our family is now the proud owner of  a leprechaun trap.  How awesome is that?

St. Patrick's Day - trap

This was a project for Haley’s kindergarten class.

St. Patrick's Day - trap

See the trap door on top? Oh that little mischievous leprechaun isn’t gonna know what hit him! 😀

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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