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My last

This is the last post….of the year! Don’t worry, I’ll be back for more next year. 🙂

In any case, as some of you may already suspect, I will confirm today that I do indeed spend too much time on the computer. I wish I could always blame my lack of production on my children. It seems so fitting. “I have 3 young children, I just couldn’t get it done.” And actually that is absolutely true…at times. But sometimes…gulp….it is my fault. 🙂 I have a handful of things that are waiting to be mailed….and they will get mailed – next year.

So I’ve found all sorts of things while I am online. And this one I just HAD to share with you. Now, seriously this is big!

It is from the Etsy shop Little Bitsys. I am drawn to cold weather items. Those years in Wyoming are deeply ingrained into my sense of fashion (or should we say lack there of!) Mary lives in Colorado – a place that a warm and delightful neck quilt would be absolutely necessary. What really jumped out at me, however, was her use of minky dot fabric. I use minky quite often for my baby items… is so cuddly and soft. This fabric genius has figured out a use for adults. Way to go, Mary! (and yes, I asked Mary first if I could put this onto my blog….for all you wondering.)

Alright, so I’ll be seeing you next year!


Some Christmas pictures

This is actually Christmas Eve. Haley helped make and decorate the cookies. Kyle helped decorate and Taylor helped to eat them. Of course, we had to leave a few for Santa. And Santa was so nice. He left some goldfish and a little Christmas mug in return!

The cute hand towels have their names on them. Just what you would expect, right? For Haley’s, I added the ballerina, Kyle got a helicopter and Taylor has a truck. The only things I made for the kids. I originally had a much longer list, but as Christmas Day came nearer and nearer, many of those items got crossed off the list. That is true for most of my family members, not just my children.

A walk to the park on Christmas day. Please take note of the purple socks! Her “new” stroller has her mermaid baby doll in it…in case you can’t see that. It was cold and windy…but of course, she had to wear her new dress. By the look on her face, I don’t think she’s exactly thrilled to be standing there for this picture!

Grandma and Grandpa with the Kids. The kids are all holding their favorite gift. Do you see the little red car in Taylor’s hand? He knows that that is his. He is quite unwilling to share with his older sibling….unless of course Kyle has something to trade him. 🙂

feeling like….blah

The last several days have been good…or at the very least, they have not been bad. I have thought, “I should blog something.” and I haven’t. On Christmas day I thought, “I should post ‘Merry Christmas’ or something.” and I didn’t. Now I am thinking, “A new year is about to start. I should reflect on 2007 in some memorable, funny, even witty way.” but I have to tell you…it just isn’t in me right now.

I have been pondering a lot lately and there are a lot of things that I could tell you, but most of them probably fall in the TMI category. I don’t want to appear ungrateful or whiny, so I will spare you my ponderings of late.

At midnight in 3 days I will be celebrating the coming of new year. I will be celebrating the possibilities that lie before me. I will be celebrating that 2007 will never happen again. Yeah sure, things can be worse. And maybe I’ll look back at 2007 with the fondest of memories further down the road. Or I’ll say “If only it could be like it was in 2007.” But for now, I will be saying “Sianara. Hasta la vista, baby. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Now, I won’t want this gloomy post to hang over any of us for long. So I will be posting some happy pictures soon. Happy pictures of the kids at Christmas. Happy pictures of some cool things that I made. Happy pictures of Grandma and the kids making cookies for Santa. Happy pictures of Grandpa with his kids. Happy happy happy.

Five Down

One to go! I have been busy busy busy! I mailed out one box today and hope to mail the last one tomorrow. Typically I would show you some of the things I have been working on….but it would just ruin Christmas for those of you who read my blog. Now, who would want to ruin Christmas? Not me! None-the-less, I will post pictures of a couple things that I think will not be discovered by the gift recipient.

Really really cute bags. I never get tired of bags. They are fun to make and fun to use!

Personalized Pillowcases! How fun is this? And they are just adorable if you ask me, and since this is my blog, I figure you are asking!

I have been doing other things besides sewing. We also got our Christmas tree earlier in the month. Yes, we got a real tree. It is delightful!

The kids had a blast decorating it. Each morning Kyle will run down and turn on the lights. He likes to read all the Christmas books while he is waiting for the rest of us to get ready.

We REALLY enjoyed walking through Winterhaven Festival of Lights. We even had cups of hot cocoa, thanks to one of my hubby’s Co-workers! It was cold enough to wear real winter stuff…which is pretty exciting around here. I discovered that my jacket is quite slippery and the mei tai liked to slide down off of my shoulders. 😦 That’s bad. But Taylor was very warm. That is good. I was also happy he left his hat and mittens on the whole time!

Kyle LOVED the Cars display!

And of course, Haley’s favorite was the Disney Princesses. Who would have guessed 🙂

So…I should have been blogging all of this before now. I actually figure that the next couple of weeks I will be pretty scarce. You’re probably all busy too. Let’s plan on meeting again before the new year!


The alarm should be sounding!
(I just have to figure out the whole flash plug thing and then I’ll add an alarm sound!)


Are you ready? I have 6 projects that I am sewing right now. I am hoping that with Priority mail they might just make them in time for Christmas. Sorry to all my family members if they are late, once again! (I think I’ve mentioned that in my blogs before.)

GO! Sew, bake, shop, plan, wrap, decorate….do whatever it is that you need to do and GET OFF THE COMPUTER! (By the way, you know I love you all.)

Adventures in Jeans Shopping

It had to be done. I desperately needed a new pair of jeans. Every single pair I had contained large gaping holes in the knees…and it wasn’t a fashion statement! I attribute it to being down on the floor with the kids, but who knows really. So I figured I should get at least one pair of jeans that did not have holes before the other mom’s at preschool and kindergarten started talking.

(Alright, the truth is that they are probably already talking. I mean, good heavens, when the see me first thing in the morning I look like a zombie dragging 3 kids by their arms behind me. I am pale as a ghost, I’m doing good to have my teeth brushed, let alone my hair and I never have on a matching outfit. There are several other mom’s out there who apparently have it a lot more together than I. They are completely groomed from head to toe, their outfits are coordinated and cute and I’m sure their children are not only dressed but very well fed too. I keep thinking that I should try to get up earlier to make all this happen at my house, even just one day would be a miracle.) Now back to the jeans…..

So I had to get a new pair of jeans. According to an article on Yahoo!’s front page, I should be able to find a great pair of jeans for less than $100. I should hope to shout! I don’t want to spend more than $25….especially for something that I figure will start to get a hole in at least one knee by the end of the month. I set off to the big box store to find an acceptable pair of jeans for about $25. Well, let me tell you, this is no easy task.

Problem #1 – I am at least 2 sizes larger than I should be….maybe even 3. We’ve had a bit of stress over the last several months. Everyone deals with stress differently….and well, apparently I eat. “Hey kids, wouldn’t it be fun to make a cake?” “Would you rather have ice cream cones or a milkshake for an after school snack?” “Chips and Salsa is a good appetizer before any meal…even lasagna.” So if I go shopping for something new, I have to officially admit that I am much bigger than I should be…I can no longer live in denial.

Problem #2 – I am short. Really really short. The pants that are labeled “average” are miles too long for me…and if I am really lucky and find a pair that is labeled “short,” they are generally too long for my little legs as well.

Problem #3– Most of the pants in the $25 range are tapered legs. I know that with my roundness and my shortness I cannot have tapered legs…under ANY circumstances. Some straight legs are ok…but really I need to get a wider leg, like the boot cut or some such thing.

Can you see the dollar signs adding up? And…can you see why I wait until the last possible moment to buy new jeans? Still, I am determined that I will go home with a new pair of jeans for less than $25.

The first round of contenders get sent back to the wracks right away. Not one will work. Then I see them. “Short” jeans with a wide leg and a sticker that says “Slims your figure” all for under $25. How much better could it get? Well out of all the jeans I tried on, these were the ones I ended up with. I’m not so sure they really slim you. I think a more accurate tag would say “Redistributes your fat to other places you don’t want it.” In any case, they were the best of the bunch. Still, I’m not really totally happy with them. Maybe when my budget increases and I can spend $100 or heck, even $50, on a pair of jeans, I’ll be able to find something I’m happy with. Or maybe when I’m no longer short and round. (Okay…I can work on the round thing…but at this point I’m pretty certain I’m stuck with the “short.”)

I’ll still look like a zombie…but at least I’ll be a zombie with out knee holes.


I am totally bogged down right now. Still, I wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you! What Christmas gifts are on your list? Have you finished shopping? More importantly, have you started shopping? Are you trying to make gifts this year? Is there any chance you have time to finish them all?

I will share this little secret with you and you can thank me later. 🙂 This is the best salsa out there. We are getting a case of it for Christmas. I wish we were still in Fort Worth so that we could go down to the restaurant, have lunch and leave with a case in hand. 😦 Don’t worry, we’ll be back. 🙂 Probably when visiting my sister and my hubby’s Aunt, Uncle and Grandma…..but we’ll be back.

Click on the link to go to Joe T’s website. From there you can download your own order form. Or if you are super lucky and live there….well, you can guess my advice in this case!

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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