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Tooth Fairy Woes

lost tooth

My oldest child lost his first tooth recently.  He was SO excited!  So very very excited.  There was just one little problem, Daddy was at work the night it came out…and he wanted to show Dad the tooth.  So he wrote the Tooth Fairy a “friendly letter.”  (Something they’ve practiced at school.)  He proceeded to ask her if the teeth were used to build a castle and if she could please pick up the tooth tomorrow night so that my dad can see my tooth.

The tooth fairy painstakingly wrote back – in all uppercase stencil lettering, I might add, that “Your Dad would like that a lot.  I’ll be back tomorrow night to collect the tooth.”  And she signed the letter T.F. which I think is pretty lame…I mean, did her hand hurt so badly she couldn’t write out her own name?  And get this, she didn’t even answer the castle question.  Totally avoided it!  Whatever, T.F.  Whatever….

SO the next day, Daddy gets to see the tooth and how awesome it is.  The day proceeds with a lot of fun and a lot of playing…..and ends with the lost tooth being lost-lost.  (Not to be confused with out-of-the-mouth-lost.)

Now we have a panicked 7-year-old on our hands.  He is trying desperately to find the tooth and freaking out the T.F. will be mad.  So we look and look and look for the tooth.  It is gone.  I suggest we write another letter explaining that the tooth is missing.

Now dear little T.F. was left with a choice….leave the little token regardless….or teach the dear 7-year-old a bit about responsibility.  This particular tooth fairy has a big heart – and she left a silver dollar and a note asking that when and if the tooth be found, it be left for her to collect.  It still hasn’t been found.  But the good news is try two is sure to follow any day now.

And I suppose this just goes to show that Mom needs to sew a tiny pillow with a safe pocket for tooth keeping.


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