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Hello, My name is Melanie

And I am addicted to Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzards.

More on this later! Have a great week 🙂


Super Hip Skirts – Super White Legs

Here is a picture of the skirt that I made. I’ve been able to get a lot of use from it as we look for a new church closer to our new house. It’s nice to know that I can wear the same thing over and over. HA!

The Hip Skirts pattern is so fun and easy! I might go into more detail in a future posting, but no time tonight. And isn’t that fabric fantastic? As far as my white legs….well, that is actually after using the self-tanning lotion for a few weeks. I used to be much much paler 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend, and be sure to have a great week!

Fat Quarter Friday

This week I have been listing some things on eBay for a friend. This sweet person had a grand idea. She would sew baby items (blankets and such) and sell them. (Sound familiar to any of you?) Well, needless to say, after she invested a lot of money into her business, she discovered she didn’t really like to sew. YIKES. I have listed her items on eBay to auction them off in lots for her. There is a lot of good material. I hope she gets a descent amount for it. You just never know with auctions on eBay!

Motivation, inspiration (maybe even perspiration) has been the result. I am trying to clean up my sewing area too. Reorganize some sections and clear out others. This is all to make room for LOTS of new fabric. 🙂 YIPPEE more fabric! Anyway, I say all of this to tell you that I have about 30 fat quarters that I will be listing on Etsy throughout the day. I have to go to library story time now, but I will work on it when I get home! I thought I’d take some before pictures of my sewing area. I’ve shared one with you today. I’ll try to share more later. I don’t know that the after will really look much different. We’ll see!

A Day with Friends

As luck would have it, one of my best friends moved back to Tucson! I am excited to have her back in town 🙂 They just moved into their new house and have been working like crazy to get it just perfect. We went to spend some time with them earlier this week.

Emma and Haley

Taylor and Will

Not only do I love her, but her children are the same ages as mine! Delightful. 🙂 I am hoping that her cleanliness will rub off onto me
a little! Also, I hope she will help me with decorating our new house….when it comes times!

I am finishing up a few orders tomorrow. And then this weekend I plan to sew some personal things. I’ll try to show you pictures. (Did I forget to tell you that I found my camera? I’m not sure yet if I am happy about that!)

Better Photos

Before the possibility passed, I thought I had better get some photos of the new Midwest Modern line from Amy Butler. I bet, if you try really hard, you can figure out my inspiration for these photos. HA! I grouped them as they are grouped on Amy’s website. (You see how I act as if we’re on a first name basis?) I assure you, however, that these fabrics play nicely….so feel free to mix and match from the different groups!



It’s been a hard decision, but today, at this exact moment, I am going to say that Moss Nouveau Trees is my favorite print. It is so pretty in person. The pictures from Westminster just do not do this line justice. I will re-do all of them eventually…but didn’t want you to have to wait for me to find the time. 🙂

And I did not forget about my contest! SO…..(imagine a drum roll, please!) the winner is Audrey! And since your name was picked from a hat by my son, you get to pick out one of the Midwest Modern Fat Quarter Groups!!!! Just let me know which one you would like and I’ll mail it your way! (oh yeah, and be sure to tell me where to mail it!)

You can check my ebay store too, because I will be auctioning off a Fat Quarter set there too. I just don’t think I will have time to list it tonight. Our upstairs is S E R I O U S L Y out of control and I must make myself tackle that monster of a job.

Patterns and more!

I have so very much to share with you! I am dying to show you a picture of a skirt I made using the Hip skirts pattern…but it is dark so the photo would not be that great. (You know, because usually my photos are all gallery quality!) And everyone is in bed, so no one is available to take a picture. Which would leave the option of taking a picture of myself in a mirror…but if it’s ok with you, we won’t go there!

Here is a picture of the material. I adore it! And to be honest, I ordered it just to make this skirt. It is from Erin Michaels. Many of you would probably recognize her sock monkey material for Moda…or at least I would! But when browsing the Moda website, (now that it’s legitimate work, my husband cant’ get mad at me!) I stumbled upon this print….and well, you can guess the rest of the story.

So be watching for that skirt picture sometime. 🙂 Onto other things…maybe more important things!


You can only imagine how excited I am! Well, maybe if you love fabric too, then you can imagine. I have plans to make some fat quarter bundles, if I can just find the time before some of the prints sell out! I have not picked a favorite yet….but I will keep you informed. It is so much prettier in person!

Onto more news…..What? There is more! Well, this is kinda cheating…but when we were in Texas I was able to meet Craft Apple herself! It was wonderful. My children had a blast playing with her boys! Um, but do you think I had my camera? Of course not! Her patterns are really fun and very well written. I made a ton of them for Christmas gifts. And, yes, I sell them now too. 🙂 Here’s a picture of a couple of mini patchfolios from her Sew. Create. Small Books pattern. (Minus the patch part b/c I was not being very creative) These went as gifts to my sister-in-law (a cat lover) and mother-in-law (a musician).

So there you have it for tonight! Have a great week 🙂

(and can someone tell me how to get rid of those little frames around my pictures? What part of the html code do I need to change or delete?)

My Kiddos

I just had to share this new picture with you! It’s from this morning after finding Easter Eggs. Kyle is so grown up! And Haley with her pretty Easter dress on – what a cutie. Taylor managed to break open one of the eggs – so his mouth is full of candy! I changed the picture on the right side of the screen to this picture too. And I updated it so Taylor is officially 2! Ah – I love my family. 🙂

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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