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Spinning Spinning

Have you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Do you remember that scene where they leave the chocolate room on a boat. It’s a little psychedelic. It’s a little surreal. It’s kinda freaky, and kinda fun. I tried to find exactly what Mr. Wonka said, but had no luck. Anyway if you own the movie, get it out and watch that scene for me. Know that right now I feel like we are in that tunnel. We will arrive safely at the next destination soon, and then I’ll be back to normal! Until then, I will be scarce…but fear not, I have not left you!


Not just names

I have to be honest with you. My very very favorite item out of everything that I make is the hooded towel. I just love them. Maybe it’s because I have always loved wrapping up in a warm towel after a bath or shower. Or because the towel is part of our family’s night time – winding down – routine. Or possibly because even my 5 year old boy still lets me snuggle with him wrapped up in that towel. I don’t know exactly why, but I do love them! The coolest thing now is that I can add a name or other saying to the towel! Have I mentioned that I love personalized gifts? Here are two recent orders. (Notice the wash cloth that matches the towel…I can do that for any of them you see in my Etsy store or on my website.)

The Little Monkey set is made with Michael Miller‘s Funky Monkey fabric. And what little boy wouldn’t love the Cars set. (If you don’t recognize Lightening McQueen from Pixar’s movie Cars, then you must live in a cave 🙂 …only joking, Mom!) By the way, Mater is also there, just in case you were worried!

In the beginning

In the beginning, I was sewing on our dining room table.
In the beginning, I was buying fabric in one yard increments from stores like JoAnn’s.
In the beginning, I thought I was busy.

A lot has changed! We don’t really use the formal dining room or living room, so sewing on the dining room table worked out fine. The problem is, I quickly out grew the area. Plus, having all my “mess” in the house wasn’t working. Once my husband figured out this wasn’t just a one time thing, he started thinking of ways to make it all work better.

We set up my work space out in the extra storage area of our garage. (This has been set up for quite a while…I just didn’t have a blog at the time, so I thought I’d share with you now.) We put down carpet and everything! It’s my own little studio. It’s great because I can escape to work and my projects don’t interfere with our house!

This is our old desk. It works pretty well as a sewing surface, although I dream of having something with the machine dropped down. Maybe sometime when my husband has a free minute he can make me one! I use the drawers to store labels, shipping supplies and various other items that need to be close while I’m sewing.

My cutting table used to be a desk top from my husband’s work. They were throwing it out, so he brought it home and rigged up this table for me. YEAH! I was getting a horrible backache from bending over to cut, so it’s really nice to have something up higher. You can see one of my craft fair tables as well as one of my rolls of canvas. And let’s not forget my iPod! What work area would be complete with out an iPod? There are many other items you’ll notice if you look closely…that is, if you want to!

Storage, storage, storage. These were given to us by some wonderful people from my husband’s work. Most all of it holds fabric. One drawer has embroidery supplies. None of these hold completed items. That’s in another area that is not pictured 🙂 So there you go, my work area. When I get my new place, I will add in an area for my computer and printer too.

Sweet Pea

I just love to work on custom orders. Here is a set I just finished! Isn’t it absolutely perfect for a baby shower? I think so! The hooded towel is so thick and absorbent. The minky dot blanket will be great for night time cuddles. And how cute are the bib and burp cloth? I love it all!


A little extra info….yes, it is little pea pods on the fabric. Also, notice the lettering…I digitized that myself! Long story made short…I think I’ll mostly be buying my embroidery files, as making your own is a lot of work! Although I know that I’d get better at it the more I did it…so you never know. Maybe I’ll be selling embroidery files before too long! Here’s a closer picture.


I am not a huge football fan, yet I am in the game poll at my husband’s work. I feel clueless when making picks each week. At the present, I am ranked 5th amongst those playing. Being clueless is good sometimes, I guess! (yet not good enough to win) Each week my husband prints out our picks and hangs them on the fridge. We get to circle our wins and X out our losses. They are like little report cards. Is this normal? I don’t feel normal! Maybe I’m getting sick like the kids. (Yeah, we have 2 kids throwing up right now…I imagine the 3rd one isn’t far behind.)

And the winner is…..


Just contact me with the details of your custom made shirt. I am so excited that so many people entered. YIPPEE!!!!! I really wish that you all could have won. The shirts are still for sale in my Etsy shop. I will be having a Christmas related contest before too long, so check back often!!!!


And now, onto the topic of the day. Etsy…and what it is…or isn’t.

Etsy is not just another eBay. It, like eBay, is an online venue for people to sell things. People may sell handmade items, vintage items, or supplies. No cheaply made in China (with lead paint) toys here! But Etsy is so much more than just an online shopping site!

It is a community of artisans. On the home page there are many many ways to shop. Showcases, treasuries, colors, geolocator, time machine, connections and more. Boy! It would take too long to explain each one of these. But if you explore these varied shopping methods, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find something you never knew existed and that you just can’t live without! Look at the showcases for special items from sellers. Check out the forums for many many topics filled with great advice, many opinions, and some funny things too.

For me, it is a great way to have my inventory available 24 hours/day without maintaining a shopping cart on my own website. It is a place where I feel comfortable since I don’t have to sell my items for less than Walmart to have interest in them. I cannot even begin to encompass all that Etsy is (or is not) but it is a site worth visiting and exploring.

Bags Bags and more Bags

We use and waste and buy and replace. This is something I know. I am not a “crazy environmentalist” (as one person I know would say) but I hate the thought of not taking care of the Earth God made for us just so that we can have the convenience of a disposable lifestyle. I like to believe that there is a balance somewhere between convenience and conscience.

Here in Tucson, I am working with others to form a group that is willing to take a few tiny steps to help reduce the amount of plastic bags that we use. You see them everywhere, don’t you? Stuck on tress and cactus, blowing across streets. We will be making really cool (and really simple) bags that you can take grocery shopping or to the farmers market. Dare I say, even to the mall. These will all be made out of cool fabrics so that you can take it out in public and not feel like a weirdo 🙂 The details are all still being formed and I will post more here when I know more!!!!

Want to form your own group? Check out Morsbags or contact me and I’ll tell you how!!!!

**********FREE GIFT**********

You still have time to enter the contest for the free shirt!!! See the posts below for details.

Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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