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Go Ahead, Try It

Yes, it's done

Have you tried free-motion quilting yet?  Is fear holding you back?  Go ahead and try it!  You really can’t mess it up!  As I was moving the fabric to and fro, that is what occurred to me with this last quilt.  It is not prim and proper !  It’s all over the place.  Running here and there.  Twisting, turning, changing it’s direction.  And that is pretty much exactly me.  A perfect fit!

the leaves on back

Ah -but let’s say that you are a person who doesn’t like mess or chaos.  You want things just so.  Precise and perfect.  Yep, I know a handful of you too.  Well, I still believe you should try this technique as an exercise in character.   😉  

Free-Motion Quilting

 It’s not perfect. I know that. There are imperfections.  But I am not entering it into any huge quilting contests. It’s for my little boy. Who loves it a lot. And his Mama made it for him – which makes it even more special to him.  And besides, aren’t the imperfections one of the things that make handmade so much more meaningful than manufactured?



You’ll see this quilt again in Taylor’s room when I finish it. 
(It’s soooo close!  I have to find time this week to get it done!)
A quilt should be worth more than one blog anyway.   🙂  
And just to re-empahsize, dear husband, free-motion quilting is NOT cheating.

Fabric: Amy Schimler’s Animal Party and Forest Fun
Pattern: FREE download from Robert Kaufman


By the way, I also know some of you that are stuck at making your first quilt top.  Pick out a simple design for your first quilt. (Pre-cuts really simplify things.)  Then send it off to to be quilted.  My point is try to overcome the hurdle that is blocking your way.  Figure out a way to jump over it and take off running.  Even if that hurdle has nothing to do with sewing.   😉  

And now I must go hang shelves!  Until next time…..


My tooth

A few thoughts from a first time root canal patient.


#1.  All dentist should offer you a diet coke while waiting.  This actually seems like a good practice for any office where you might have a wait.  I think we should start some sort of petition and have congress look at making it into a bill or something.

#2.  Really cool dentists mount flat screen TV’s on the ceiling to let you watch a movie while they are drilling into your jaw.  I watched the first bit of Yes Man.  Hopefully Red Box has it so I can finish watching it.

#3.  I appreciated that the dentist covered my upper lip and chin before he began to work.   They tell you it’s to isolate the tooth and keep the area clean.  I have a feeling that it’s more likely so they won’t be distracted by women with more facial hair than should be allowed by nature.  If I would have known before hand that those areas would be hidden I would have at least waxed my eyebrows.  Those can be a bit overwhelming too when you’re so close…or when you’re far away.

#4.  Can someone tell me why I smelled anise during the procedure?  I don’t like licorice.  If they would have asked before hand, I would have chosen vanilla or jasmine.   😉

So clearly I survived and it wasn’t that bad.  Be back later with something serious or crafty at least!  Hope your week is off to a great start!

Magic Rolls

What in the world do you do with left over marshmallows that were not used up in smores? Not enough for Rice Krispy Treats. The miniature variety are called for in most salads. Then a llght shined down from above (it was really only the kitchen lights…but we’re going for drama here!)

*****MAGIC ROLLS*****

Mom made these for Christmas one year while we were visiting.  My husband insisted I get the recipe.  They are super easy and yummy too!


All you need is a tube of crescent rolls, some large marshmallows, a bit of melted butter and cinnamon and sugar.  (Yes, all very technical measurements!)

(By the way, for you observant readers, you should ignore the muffin mixes in the background. Has nothing to do with this recipe – just had those out to make a bunch of muffins to put in the freezer for breakfast now that school has started)

Dip, Coat, Roll

Dip a marshmallow in the melted butter, coat it with cinnamon and sugar, and wrap it up with a crescent roll. Put into a muffin tin (sprayed with Pam first, of course!)

sprinkle tops with more cinnamon & sugar

Sprinkle the top with a little more cinnamon and sugar and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

yummy "magic" rolls

The marshmallow kinda melts away (aka “magic”) but leaves a yummy cinnamony (so what if that’s not a real word) filling inside the roll.  I can only eat one because my palate isn’t made for such sweet treats, but my hubby and kiddos sure do love them!


Good Ol’ Hooded Towels

My mother cursed me.  She is the queen of all practical gifts….and I fear she has passed this trait onto me.  So when I have to get a gift for a little one, I just cannot buy something that I know is impractical.  The most practical of all gifts for little ones is a hooded towel.  They are the best!  

Hooded Towels

And I know they are the best because I get requests all the time to make them. Friends I have gifted hooded towels come back to me asking to make more. Previous customers email to see if I would make another one. Family members request them too.  They last for years, they actually cover the baby up, the absorb way better than the typical baby towel…and well I’m not trying to sell you one, so I shouldn’t go on and on….but I’d say if you don’t have a GOOD hooded towel for your children, find one!  So today, I am making hooded towels galore   🙂    Here are a few with the every popular 2D Zoo (now back in stock).    

PS.  My friend has a pattern for sale if you would like to make one yourself.  And her pattern comes with a cute bag too!  You know I love bags   🙂   Visit her store here.

Cinco de Mayo Weekend

Honestly, I don’t understand why people in the United States celebrate Cinco de Mayo. (We actually are going to a celebration on Tuesday night.) 🙂 In college, we had a lot of students from Puebla – so it kinda made more sense then.  Oh well, any excuse to celebrate, right?

Anyway, I decided that this weekend we would eat chips and salsa in honor of the Battle of Puebla.  (Any excuse to eat chips and salsa, right?)  Most of the time a nice cold Diet Coke will fit the bill, but I thought this called for a little something extra!  So I bought these glasses for a couple of bucks – for some reason it seems more fun to drink out of a margarita glass than a regular ol’ cup.  🙂  That’s kinda weird too, huh?

Here is how I made the drinks:
6 lemons – juiced
1 pound strawberries
1/2 cup splenda (or sugar)
Bunch of ice

Add all ingredients to blender and blend away. Perfectly refreshing on a lovely May afternoon! Hope you had a great weekend too!

Learning about Bokeh

Bokeh: A photography term, derived from Japanese, that refers to the out-of-focus backgrounds, which are often used to reduce distractions and emphasize the primary subject.

In English: When the backgrounds of a photograph are all blurry but the subject is in focus.  😉

Examples:  Visit here.   Yep, that Bakerella has bokeh down.  There are tons of examples out there, her stuff was just fresh on my mind because I’m experimenting with her cake pops (but that story is for another day!)

Bakerella Cupcake PhotographBakerella Cupcake Photograph

This week in my photography class we are experimenting with  depth of field.  Well, I’ve learned a few things.  I have a point & shoot camera but it has a manual setting. (I can adjust the f-stop and aperture.)  So I thought getting a shallow depth of field would be manageable.  After a gazillion photographs, not one with a blurry background, I  went to the web for help.  (I had already read my manual and it was no help.)

This is what I learned from Sam.  “…If you WANT to defocus the background, you are going to have to work pretty hard at it. You would have to zoom to the longer end of the lens and set the aperture open as wide as it will go… and get pretty close to your main subject while having the background a fair distance away.”

So I set up my tripod, picked a subject matter (pincushion on fabric stack), put it far away from the background matter (bolts of fabric), zoomed in and managed to get a little bokeh. (Other issues of this photograph I won’t address here!)

Yep, honey.  I’m gonna need a digital SLR sometime.

PS That little contest is still comin’ up.  I’ve just been obsessed with cinnamon rolls and bokeh lately.  I’ll get on that post soon!

Cinnamon Roll Recipe

I said I would share with you.

I have tested, tasted and tried recipe after recipe.
The things I go through for you!
Adjusting this and changing that.
This is my best recipe to date.
(I did not say healthiest.)


1 c. Boiling Water
1 c. Butter (yep, I use the real stuff)
2/3 c. Sugar
2 tsp. Salt
2 1/2 Tbsp. Yeast
1 c. Warm Water
2 Eggs
6 c. Flour

In a large mixing bowl, pour boiling water over butter, sugar and salt.  Cool until lukewarm.  In a small bowl, mix yeast in warm water.  Add eggs and beat.  Add yeast/egg mixture to butter mixture.  Add flour and stir.  Refrigerate overnight. (It’s sticky dough…that’s okay!)

Cinnamon Filling:

3/4 c. Brown Sugar (packed)
1/4 c. Flour
1 Tbsp. Cinnamon (I put a heaping tablespoon)
1/3 c. Butter

(Additional 1/4 c. Butter melted for later)

Stir together brown sugar, flour and cinnamon.  Cut in the butter until mixture resembles course crumbs.

Assembly of Rolls:

Divide dough in half.  On a well floured surface, roll into a large rectangle that is 1/4 inch thick (approximately 12inches x 8 inches).  Brush dough with melted butter, then spread 1/2 of the cinnamon filling evenly over dough. Sprinkle with optional items such as raisins and/or nuts if desired.  Roll into a jelly roll.  (It’s easiest to start at the back of the rectangle and roll forward.) Seal seams by pinching dough together.  Slice jelly roll into 1 inch pieces.  Place into a greased baking dish or onto a baking sheet.  Brush with melted butter.  (Repeat process for second half of dough.)

Place in a warm location until doubled in size.  Bake at 425° for about 15 minutes or until brown.  Glaze while warm.


1 1/4 c. Powdered Sugar
1 tsp. Light Corn Syrup
1/2 tsp Vanilla
Enough milk or cream, half & half (whatever you have on hand) to reach drizzling consistency.  (1 to 2 Tbsp)

Mix all ingredients together. Drizzle over cinnamon rolls.


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