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Kitchen aides

Has this turned into a drive by blog?  It feels like it!  We still have company – but I had to get on here and say hello!


(you must say this like on the Seinfeld episode…you know the one)

How are you doing?!?!?  La la la

Okay – good.  Now that I have that off my stomach (oh, ya – that’s a Seinfeld reference) , I can also show you another project before I have to leave again.

This cute kitchen set is going into a kitchen basket for the auction at Haley’s preschool.  The auction I thought was in March.  The auction that is actually in May.  Oh well – for once in my life, I am done early!  I am not working on a project the night before it is due.  Weeeeee!  That’s a nice feeling!

(I hope to eventually get a better photo of these – since I have a couple months to play around with it.  😉   Plus did I tell you that I’m taking a photoshop class?  And a photography class too.  woo hoo!  I probably shouldn’t have told you that – now you’ll expect great things of me.  *sigh*    Gesh I’m getting sorta chatty for a girl short on time….)

My contribution to the basket will be the apron, 3 kitchen towels, a pot holder, an oven mitt and a recipe journal.  All made by moi with beautiful Sandi Henderson fabric.    I think they all deserve more blog time than this little post – so maybe we’ll revisit them another time….maybe.  Like in 20 years or so if we’re lucky.


Hi! I love fabric, I adore my family and I seem to think my life is pretty dang fun! So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay and visit often!

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