Quilt Progress

(or lack there of)

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m really very excited about this new process.

So I will share with you what I have learned or what I already know. First – someone asked if you needed a special foot. Yes – you need an open toe stippling foot. It will look something like that picture there to the left.  Since it is open, it helps to see your stitching and it is also spring loaded so as you sew it puts pressure on the fabric, but it is not constantly pressed down.  (if that makes any sense – you are a genius!)

Second – what is the difference between stippling and free-motion (or freehand)?  Well – very little as far as I can tell.  One impression I get is that stippling never crosses itself – so no loop-d-loops!  And it seems to be very close together (as in the picture).  Free-motion can cross itself (but does not have to) and is more spaced.  By all means – I am not a quilter.  This is just what I have gathered and it may or may not be accurate.    🙂

Third – like most techniques, it takes practice.  Gosh darn it!  (right?)  Some people may have a machine with a stitch regulator.  This helps make your stitches even regardless of how fast or slow you are going.  I don’t have one (and gosh darn it again – my sewing shop is having like the best deal ever and if circumstances were different, I’d pull that money out of savings and go buy it – but I digress) so I have to use my foot to control the speed and make sure also to move the fabric evenly so that my stitches are the same length.  And you have to remember to breath.  (I guess a lot of beginners stop breathing they are so focused on the movement of the stitches.)  Whew!  you can see why it takes practice!!!  Also – you move the fabric forward and backward and side to side but you NEVER rotate the fabric or you’ll end up in a big mess.

Trying to figure out the layout

My plan – this weekend I will finish (and by that, I really mean start and finish) piecing the quilt top.  This picture is just me messing around a bit with the fabric combos – so the finished product will look quite different.   I also figure I should practice (gosh darn it!) the whole free motion quilting technique a bit more before actually quilting this – so I plan on making some pot holders when my insul-bright arrives.


5 Responses to “Quilt Progress”

  1. 1 heap January 10, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Your fabric choices and layout are awesome. I’ll be anxious to see more pictures as you progress. I KNOW it will be fabulous!!!!!

  2. 2 Mom January 10, 2009 at 11:38 am

    Do you put the squares together in groups of 4 and then put them together, or sew them in strips and put the strips together?
    Just wondering. I would make a few changes in the layout – I realize you are just experimenting right now. Good luck!

  3. 3 Melanie January 10, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    The groups of four are sewn together – but they are not sewn together. you’ll see when you see the whole design. The only thing I was considering in this picture you see were the grouping of 4’s – because none of them touch each other, I’m not concerned wit the greens and reds that are next to each other – which is probably what you are thinking I need to change.

  4. 4 Mom January 10, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    Okay, so I think I get it, the four squares are sewn together, then they are put together with other longer, rectangular pieces between them… I think it is going to turn out neat. Good luck!

  5. 5 tina January 23, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    Hi Melanie!

    I am still quilting along with you! If you got time, check out my progress: http://atinystudio.blogspot.com/2009/01/confidence-or-ignorance.html

    I am stuck on the free motion quilting too. =( Not only am I having problem moving at an even speed, I think my tension is all screwed up. I am so dedicating this coming Sunday to figuring that out.

    Good luck with yours!

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