My little artist

Haley is definitely my little artist.  She loves to draw and paint.  Sometimes it is hard for me to encourage her creative side – because it is terribly messy!  Anyway, this pattern from Craft Apple has been made several times as gifts for others. (Not just the Little Artist Case, but the other small books too! SO FUN!)  I finally decided that Haley really did need one of her own.

There is actually a story behind this story too. You see, last year I decided that I would make all of the kids in Kyle’s class an artist case as an end of the year gift (two nights before school was out). Great idea! Bad timing!!! I got all the initials embroidered, all the pieces cut out and interfaced, all the crayons and notepads purchased – and then at 2 am on the last day of school, I decide I just couldn’t get them all done in a way that was satisfactory for gift giving. I was very frustrated, to say the least! Over the summer, I’ve finished a couple and given them to the families we regularly see, but there happened to be an H cover that didn’t have a home yet! I, being quite thrifty and intelligent (HA HA), decided that this cover should be recycled for Haley. But the inside material was all wrong for my little girl. So I used Michael Miller’s Grape Daisy Delight and the Orchid Spa Mae for the inside fabrics instead. Perfect!
Haley LOVES it so much.  She was jumping up and down “You made this for me, Mommy?”  Gosh – you would think I never sew for her!  When you get such a positive reaction, it’s hard not to run to the sewing machine and whip up some more stuff (BTW, another Haley project is in the works – maybe I’ll show it next week!)  Anyway, on the morning she came down to discover it – she couldn’t even leave it long enough to eat breakfast. It had to be right there with her. It was put to use right away and even came in the car while we took Kyle to school.  She totes it all around and is so proud to show it to everyone we come across.  Thank you, Linda, for such a fun and useful pattern!!!! 🙂

I’m going to show more of the Sew. Create. Small Books. items soon too!  They really are “sew fun.”  Have a great weekend!


3 Responses to “My little artist”

  1. 1 Mom September 5, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    Just want to give my little Haley a hug. She is so cute! Love the braids 🙂 and the Little Artist Case is perfect for her. Good job, Mom! Don’t know if we’ll have phone service yet when I get home so don’t know when I can check e-mail again. Have a great week-end.
    Love you all,

  2. 2 craftapple September 5, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    She is so cute! I love that picture of her drawing in her car seat. Nathan will do that and when I get home it’s page after page of green ovals with eyes, nose and a big smile (Larry from Veggie Tales). One is Larry walking, one is Larry, singing, etc. I’m so glad she likes it. I’ve said it before, I’m sure, but I’ll say it again – you are so blessed to have a little girl to sew for!


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