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My last two days have been quite pleasant. Nothing terribly exciting, and nothing surprising, but pleasant none-the-less. I could use more of these days in my life!

After dropping off the kids at school on Monday, I had an appointment to get my computer fixed. I’m glad to have her back! Taylor and I enjoyed some time walking around the outdoor mall while they were fixing it. This pretty flower is from one of the water features. It was nice to not have a hurried schedule. We just walked and touched and smelled and enjoyed.  It was nice to be outside and to be together. We had to ride the escalator up and the elevator down about 10 times! Each time, on the way up, Taylor would look up at me and say “This is fun. Isn’t it Mommy?” Yes, my little boy. It was fun!

Then, we got hungry and the computer wasn’t ready yet. So we headed to Chipotle for some crispy chicken tacos. 🙂 I probably don’t need to say it, but this restaurant is one of our favorites, for sure. (Yes, Taylor loves them too!) They happen to share a parking lot with Home Depot. I really need to get working on paint colors and things relating to decorating the house. So we picked up a bunch of painting ideas to peruse and walked back to the car.

Then, today, I was pleased to find this when I pulled up to the house. Yes, that is tons of insulation you see! If you want to talk R-factors and sound barriers and technical things like that – you’ll need to contact my husband. 😉 Everything is cleared up with the city. We officially have a reading nook. SO we are finally able to move forward again! I guess that’s a little bit exciting. 🙂 It will all be done tomorrow and they will start sheet-rock on Thursday. (Rachelle, is that the 100th time you’ve heard this news?!?!)

The kids finally got their pictures taken. I’ll share them ASAP! Let’s call these birthday/school year (and maybe Christmas?!?!?) pictures. They turned out very well – especially compared to the last fiasco when we tried to get pictures done. I’m too tired to share about all of that right now! Needless to say, the poor girls at JcPenny’s have their work cut out for them when Taylor walks through the door.   🙂 He did great today though! Someday I want to book a session with a real photographer. I hope to make it up to my parents again before Stephanie has to move, because I would LOVE to have a family session with her. So please stay there longer, ok?!?!

Alright – I’ve officially hit the “ramble” stage on my blog post -or maybe I started out there- anyway, I gotta get some sleep!  See you again soon.


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