Ordinary Life

I know that I need to take a little break to blog something. I have been trying to think of something exciting or funny that I could blog. The past few weeks have been so hectic and yet, I feel there is nothing really exciting to share. I hope to be getting back to “normal” soon. Although, maybe things are already quite normal.

It is completely normal to have a 3 yr old and 1 yr old spread toothpaste all over the entire upstairs bathroom and then start to make their way from room to room, painting the carpet, mirrors, walls, etc. I believe they wanted to taste it and then saw how cool it was to squeeze out which led to finger painting with toothpaste. I was down stairs unpacking boxes.

It is even more normal to have those same children do the exact same thing with diaper creme the very next day, right? Boy! They got into trouble on day one. On day two our neighbors may have overheard some things that will lead them to believe I am a horrible mother.

Then to top it off, one of the two children took some Aloe Vera gel that was in a box and began painting the toilet with it only two days later. Seriously…I may go crazy quite soon.

I have also had to joy of de-flooding a bathroom…thanks to these same children. It is so fun to create waterfalls during bath time. If you hold the glass up high over the tile floor, the way it splashes and splatters is spectacular. Now I guess this is really my fault because I did leave them alone (I know, I know…slap me for leaving my children in the bathtub alone) for a couple of minutes in my attempt to multi task by starting a load of laundry. This was my 7th load of laundry … none of which has been folded and put back into drawers.

I hope it’s not going to be normal for me to realize I should have left 5 minutes ago to arrive on time, but I can’t rush out the door because I still have one child asleep in a diaper and another child sitting on the toilet. First I must wake child #1, dress this child and get a sippy cup of milk so that said child will stop screaming. Second, I must praise child # 2 for being such a big girl (even though she’s been a “big girl” for months) while shoving some shoes onto her feet so we can run out the door.

While I do hope some of these things don’t become “normal” there are some things that I have really enjoyed over the past few weeks. Like listening to my children’s favorite praise CD on the way to and from school. What a great way to start the day, singing praise songs with your children.

I have also enjoyed walking to the neighborhood park in the afternoon. Not only do we get some exercise together, but we also get a chance to talk about things. We chat about our days, share what we’ve learned or observed and take note of the world around us.

Yeah, my ordinary life may not be super exciting. Thank goodness!!!!! I’m not sure I could handle real excitement at this time.


1 Response to “Ordinary Life”

  1. 1 Linda November 8, 2007 at 10:45 pm

    Hey Melanie, your day sounds all to familiar! Things have gotten better over the last couple of years, but there was that phase where I would be with the baby and the older two would get into all kinds of trouble. Yes, there was the diaper ointment rubbed all over their chest and yes, they were putting it on eachother’s bottoms! The along with that came the lotion in a pump phase when they couldn’t control their hands and had to pump lotion all over. Then aquaphor…they always got in trouble, but would do it again. I knew who was the instigator, and I started his day by rubbing him down with lotion – giving him his sensory input before he got into trouble. It’s hard, these days that you’re going through! And doing all the other stuff that you’re doing at the same time! It WILL get better! It really will! Hang in there! God bless,

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