That’s Why I Love Him

Yep, Shampoo and Conditioner….

So, yesterday was a pretty typical Saturday for us. The kids get to watch TV on Saturday morning, I try to take advantage of this time to finish some stuff around here and my hubby dutifully does projects around the house. After lunch, we all lay down for naps. (My husband can somehow manage to get all the kids asleep, a skill I lost quite some time ago.) He, however, cannot fall asleep so he tells me he is going to the store to get weed killer.

YEAH! He’s going to the store. Containing about a dozen or so random items, I shove a list into his hands! “Here’s a list of some things we need.” Now, if you have seen the recent auction on eBay you’ll completely understand why I have not run to the store to pick up these items. (If you have not seen it I will put a link at the bottom of this blog.) I’m certain that 3 kids are not nearly as challenging as 6…but it’s still quite the effort to make a “quick trip” to the store.

Naturally, as soon as he leaves I remember a dozen more items of which we are in need…so I start making another list. (yep, I’m a list person…I give 100% of the credit to Mom for this) He comes home with all the items on the list plus a few extras. Some of these extras were things he thought we needed, some of them we actually did need….and to my surprise, he even picked up some shampoo and conditioner for me. (Even I had forgotten that we needed that…I mean, honestly, there are days of the week that I can’t even manage to shower! Maybe that’s what clued him in.)

We have long ago given up on living a luxurious life. (I am just praying that I can make enough money by selling stuff to pay for school this year, and DH is praying that our house will just sell so maybe he won’t have to work a million and a half hours each week to pay most of our bills.) One thing I have not given into, however, is using 78 cent shampoo and conditioner. I just can’t do it. I’m not saying I need super duper salon products, but I enjoy a nice lather with a nice scent and conditioner that actually leaves my hair conditioned….because that is the most that this head of hair gets!

So I take it as a sign of true love that he bought me good shampoo and conditioner without it even being on the list. Who knows, maybe it was on sale for 78 cents!


UPDATE: For those of you that have asked “What does the purse look like?” I have to tell you that I did go back to the store…but I did not buy it. This time it was a different problem! I had just paid bills. Do you think I can convince myself to buy it in the future? Maybe I should take a poll…but instead I’ll just declare ‘Probably not!’ the winner. I’ll just make one when I get some corduroy 🙂


LINKS: This mom is truly hysterical. You’ll enjoy reading this eBay auction and her blog.


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